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life & health insurance

The two main types of life insurance are Term Life and Whole Life Permanent Insurance
Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific and limited amount of time. Whole life insurance is designed for an individual’s entire life. There are other differences between the two: term life insurance typically has a lower premium, but whole life insurance has a cash value that accumulates over the life of the policy.

Life Insurance Calculator

Individual Health Insurance
Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) a new “Patient’s Bill of Rights” gives the American people the stability and flexibility they need to take care of their health needs. Some of the standardized features of the ACA are coverage, costs, and care.

With regards to coverage, the ACA (a) ends pre-existing condition exclusions for children, (b) keeps young adults covered, (c) ends arbitrary withdrawals of insurance coverage, (d) guarantees your right to appeal. With regards to cost, the ACA (a) ends lifetime limits on coverage, (b) reviews premium increases, and (c) helps you get the most from your premium dollars.

Furthermore, it covers preventive care at no cost to you, protects your choice of doctors, and allows you to choose the primary care doctor you want from your plan’s network.

The ACA also removes insurance company barriers to emergency services, which means you can seek emergency care at a hospital outside of your health plan’s network.

Here are some good information resources to review:

About the ACA

About the Patient's Bill of Rights

Group Health Insurance
Group health insurance health plans provide coverage to a group of individuals, company employees, or members of an organization. Group health insurance plans help you ensure that you and your employees have access to a variety of health care services.

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